Isro new owner?

u said jcplanet bought joymax/silkroad
i heard gamegami bought silkroad
who bought who again?
or anyone else could fill us up with the latest update on this matter?
& the company’s origins?
its reputation?

from what i understand from there youtube description :
same as there is a UK & US server locations
there will be a TR location
is that it?

As far as I know they did not buy Joymax. They have a legal server license and the game is being built by Joymax.


in other words
at a “isro-R” situation
any clue on when it open’s?
is it for turkish players only?
differences between it & isro servers?

This is a completely separate server. It will not be listed in the iSRO server list. I don’t know anything else.

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Its different game client belong to turks and arabs. (No difference from isro xd ) Also turkish gms and other things.

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