[iSRO] [Feronia] [v21.9.(7|8)] Bot does nothing

hi ryan,

i got two characters where i haven’t changed any settings.

whenever i start the bot at them, the bot just does nothing for about 1 minute and then stops without any reason.

this behavior even happens in town.
i already replaced my town script with the original ones.
then i checked to skip the town loop it works very well.

then i completely terminated phBot.exe and started it from scratch.
after entering the game (btw. this was done all clientless) i started it again manually (unchecked Start bot on login before).

same issue here.
i started the bot, nothing happens for a while, then it stops without any reason again. sometimes it even tries to start the town loop AFTER it already got stopped:

[08:48:33] Bot started
[08:49:21] Bot stopped. Botting time [0 minutes]
[08:50:07] Script: Walking to -16637, -332

i checked the status. it was at Connected / Quest for some reason.

i went to so-ok and triggered it manually using the map. i just get:

[08:55:28] Event Quest: Exiting NPC

after that the status changed back to default.

i started the bot, it started the town loop, triggered so-ok (added it inside of my town loop):

[08:55:48] Event Quest: Getting quest reward
[08:55:50] Event Quest: Exiting NPC
[08:55:52] Event Quest: Finished

then it stuck again for about 2 minutes and finally it was continuing the town loop.

btw. this all has nothing to do with collision detection. it was turned off all the time. even before.

well … not its probably working again. at least at one character. still waiting @ the login queue for the other one. i have never had this before. feels like sth went wrong here. maybe you could check the related code.

best regards

same again :frowning:

this time:

  • it went to its trainplace; status was Connected / Script; used coordinates, not a script-file
  • after reaching it, status changed to Connected / Loading Ma... (unable to see the end couz wine cut it due to font-size)
  • status changed to Connected / Buff after about 30 seconds
  • character died in that time
  • after returning to town, status instantly changed to Connected / Quest
  • bot stucked at that status for some minutes
  • fortunately it started its town loop this time and not stopped again

I’d have to use your account since these things don’t happen for me.

hasn’t occurred again yet i think. keep you up

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Those are always fun to debug.

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probably related to the trainingplace. i switched to Hyke (lvl 106) with that chars in that time and then back again after they died several times. will check that within the next 2 weeks.