iSRO Fatigue Force Shutdown

Why is there a force shutdown in fatigue system? It is making me disconnect every 10 minutes as indicated in the fatigue bar.

Does anyone experience the same thing? Kindly share what you did to fix this. Thnx.

Configure your bot in the conditions like this:

This is what it looks like.
I dont know why there is force shutdown in there. I could only play for 8 hrs everyday. If I tried to relogin, the system will force shutdown the game after 10 mins.

Now my other account had been affected with the same issue… It is working fine the other day but now it has force shutdown notice :((( Is this a bug?

looks like joymax is becoming broke or something
ways to force ya to charge VIP
premium wont work
even though premium will let u fast login … but still force shutdown i guess

but that is in whatever server u at…

cuz im in palmyra
& dont have that problem

if your a low lvl
maybe its time to change servers xD
or go vip…
or idk whatswhat…

I’m in Celesus… I dont know why this problem occured. It even affected my other account :frowning:

Is there anyway that GM’s or admin would take notice of this?

so its a new server system or something…

So the maximum playing time is 8 hours then? Relogin in town to refill the fatigue bar does not work anymore… I cant even do jobs or stall because I will be force shutdown/logout every 10 mins. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

i guess joymax is trying to find a reason with “stupidity spice”
to lose players

for a 2004~3~5(?) game
vs modern games…

i can list some… but wont go there…

anyways… change server or go VIP mode…

also just incase
submit a ticket to them & ask about this force shutdown

maybe its just a jcplanet account thing
or joymax account only thing
or both… idk

The trick is to don’t let it reach 0%, if you put the conditions that I posted on the other thread that I linked you won’t have that problem.

If you logout when the fatigue bar reaches 50% and then login you are good to go.

I have 6 bots running 24/7 without VIP without issues doing this, yes there is like 4 to 6 hours downtime every day because of the queues but that is what it is

It’s okay now. I just let it go dc and the next reset it’s okay. However, it got stuck in Constantinople and gets DC everytime I log it in. How should I resolve this? How should I send ticket to the Dev? Thnx

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