Is there a way to auto buy from itemmall (f10)

is there a way to let all the chars get immortals from f10 then put it in guild storage or exchange with a specific char is there is and you can help in please make a simple guide for beginners for it

Yeah but as town script I tried that before

How can I make it buy from f10?

injecting packet

u can using inject packet throught ur script

and at the script stop near the guild storg … use Do guild storg thingy
its will be like this

inject packet for F10 using xControl Plugin
Do Guild storg

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sorry but i don’t know how to do it can someone explain step by step since it’s my first month at phbot
also about inject it’s so advanced for me to do idk how :slight_smile:

explain please if you can

You pretty much can’t unless you understand how the game packets work and create your own plugin / inject packets to buy items.