Is there a API-Call to use skill on monster? (for CHN lure script)


I am playing on Xian (CHN only Server). I am thinking about creating a lure script to let one of my Bow chars lure mobs to the party. Problem about this is, I would like to write a plugin, which adds a command to script, where I search for a monster around me and use mind bow on it. That way he would take aggro from some mobs and run back to center/party. I found the API-call to read monsters around me, but not the call to use a skill on a target. Is there a call I can use for this? Or does anyone have another idea how to make it?

Thanks in advance.

You can already do that in the bot with the testing release. You can specify any skill and it’ll choose one nearby when you’re at the edge of the lure radius. If you’re using a script you can use the cast command with any skill and depending on the skill it’ll use it on a monster.

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Oh. Time to install the testing release then. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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