Inventory items sorting

I wanna stop the bot from Sorting my items cuz I wanna make the stall and when I split [stones] - [elix] It get back again In 1 stack again I wanna make stall with 1k elix 1k elix 1k elix but it get back again in 1 stack like 4k again don’t wanna split :frowning:

You need to set the quantity in the filter tab of the stall page.

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I did that but BOT get them back again In 1 stack :frowning:

Hello any help, please

when u set the quantity the bot suppose to stack them, then he will split them into the number u want and the price

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Stall > Filter > Search for item
Change Stall price and Quantity

For example:
you want to sell 50 elixir then
set 50 elixir in quantity and set the stall price = the price of the 50 elixir

make sure to also check… Automatically stall items

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Thanks, Muhammad Please I Wanna Your help so I have sent you a private message please check it :slight_smile:

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