Invalid Target Error

I’m having this error, no matter what i’ve done, still getting this error.
Any way to fix it ?

Which server?

Ruby online

Any idea why this is happening?
Never faced with such an error with phbot before :frowning:

I stop the bot when i get this error and start it again and it is fixed for 5-6 mins, than it happens again.

This is not a mistake. You’ll see the text “invalid target” because he chose a quick monster and tried to choose it when the monster died at the time.

how can i prevent it from happening ?
nasıl bunun olmasını engelleyebilirim ?

You can’t prevent this. Why does the quick monster pick bother you?

Because my bot stops dude, it’s not attacking any monster

She does not attack the monster because it is so because the monster she chose died at the time.

No it is not dead, i can record a video if you want

As I said, this is not a problem. You will see this post because the bot has made a quick monster choice.

My friend, my bot doesn’t attack to monsters, how it’s not a problem?

Can you shoot and share videos?

If you have the wrong type selected certain packets won’t be parsed correctly and one of them is for when a monster dies.

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English please :slight_smile:

Choose the right type.

Still don’t understand, the right type of what? Monster?

Make sure you choose the server type correctly.


WhatsApp Video 2020-05-16 at (8.8 MB)