Inject Packets

is it posibble to inject packet through a scipts ?

like inject ( specific scroll in our server )
then wait 3000
then inject again ?

then store them in the storg ?

i figured out how to get the packet and how to use it with xControl
but i would like to know if i can use Inject in the middle of a script ?

Of course. Create a function in Python to do that then type its name into the field for the Python condition.

xControl has included inject script command.

# Inject Packet, even through Script. All his data is separated by comma, encrypted will be false if it's not specified.
# Example 1: "inject,Opcode?,ItsEncrypted?,Data?,Data?,Data?,..."
# Example 2: "inject,3091,False,0" or "inject,3091,0" (means greet action)

we can use them in the scripts ? instead of sending them by pm or chat ??

@JellyBitz what would it look like to send a op code in script ? can u post it for teleport for example ?

if the op has a data =

i twill be look like this


in the middle of the script

i just made few test and its worked :smiley:

example of script:



@Mo7ammadQ8 thx i will test it :smiley:

You Welcome

i wanna use that to open trader NPC, or to buy an item but the data after the opcode is usually longer than that, how do i excute this example if the packet looks like this
(Opcode) 0x7045 (Data) 10 00 00 00

(Opcode) 0x704B (Data) 10 00 00 00

(Opcode) 0x7046 (Data) 10 00 00 00 0C



need help to use inject to separate items and and use iten in inventory, how do I?
@Gladyston @JellyBitz @Ryan!!!

general script example
if you dont understand how it works with that you cant be helped
trade items are most likely changing after teleport so it dont work with that

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can you or someone else help me i use the version 1.6.2 of xControl and i can´t write this in script… phbot always say command not found [inject,opcode,false,data]

Hello i can use this injekt to buy goods 5star in trade mode??