InGameDelivery .com?

Hello all, I am asking has anyone used InGameDelivery for iSRO game gold purchases? I have done a little research and from what I gather it sounds legit but no real customer reviews. Yes they seem expensive but that is not the point. I’m more concerned with actually getting the gold. I so badly need to upgrade my protector set. All answers welcome :slight_smile:

My humble opinion is to not buy from any website, those prices are insane. Using Flora as an example, they charge $12.20 for 1b. Normal price buying from players is $1.8-$2 per billion.

Find someone in game who’s trusted and buy from them.


maybe ask around on the phbot discord in #market. i see a good amount of people selling gold there

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Yeah I had thought about that. Me selling silks items would be a lot less than the gold selling sites. Just not as fast