Increased disk consumption due to phbot

This is a conclusion I arrived after a long time of usage on multiple computers. My C drive just gets filled slowly, until it is almost full.(I am talking about 100 gb+ disk usage that I cant possibly account for) At first I did not think it was because of ph but after testing it on different computers on which I dont do anything else than running 30+ phbot instances.(Literally nothing else) I came to the conclusion that It has to do with ph. At this point I am formatting the laptop where I run my gbots every 2 months because the disk gets filled in 2 months duration at max. And I am hesitating to run any phbot instances on my main pc to end up with the same scenario again. Is this on my end? I honestly dont know what to do, it has become very frustrating. Any solutions? Thanks.

its not about phbot. its about windows updates. search on google Windows Search disk usage and your problem will get fixed download disk savy and check C . there must be EDB file

This did not happen on my main pc where I dont run phbot, so I just assumed it had to do with it. Just checked my disk and indeed there is a 128gb edb file, so I guess you are right. Thank you!