Ignore but if

a 5th option in this section

to “ignore but if(ignore but protect party member from this type)”

for mobs lvl 120 on isro-R(palmyra server)

there is 2x Quests
give in total 56.507.414xp
& its repeatable

can finish & deliver as fast as every 11~15 minutes
depend on how fast u r…

some player are up to lvl 134 … still at this mobs lvl
even though they say 140 mobs are better
but some … come back cuz the more u lvl(132+) … the less XP from 140 u get…


request reason

since the area of this Quests r crowded
would be better to stay in a party

& … not all are high lvls
& we are focusing on “normal general&champion”
& ignoring ALL other types

but cuz we are walking around & ignoring big health monsters for … other parties surrounding us…
the noobs in our party get fcked

or a GP(GiantParty) keeps taking our time if one of us took him solo
while we are on big range botting(R70+)
as in if i got stuck with a GP … while away from the center a bit

so its better to keep hunting the prefered/"meh"xD one’s
till another char spot’s & protect(protect pt member) & attack that type of monster
then we turn on that big fat healthy ass monster to attack him…

which quest is that

in isro-R palmyra server Only to my knowledge
Quests are:

-Scrap Metal (mirror town) 28m xp
for mobs 120 … u get it when u reach 115

-thirst for blood (mirror town) 28m xp
for mobs 120 … u get it when u reach 119

to what i understand … u have to pick it first time manually
then the phbot-testing will start delivering & retaking it…