Idea for future update

the one thing I want the most.

  • ‘‘full blue option.’’ should be added in Alchemy Tool section.
    this is available in another bot(if you want to examine, I can send you the bot name in private chat). for that reason, I prefer to use this bot, when i doing Alchemy.

So what is this?

  • Automatically adds the required Item using the Blue Stone pieces.
    -it automatically increases to the maximum Blue stone feature.

for example;
if I am going to add the blue stone feature to 1 Weapon.

  • I’ll pick first to Weapon( Dagger )
  • I’ll choose full blue option.
  • Automatically adds the required Item using appropriate Blue Stone for Weapon.
  • does not stop until it is full blue.
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well u can set this in like less 1 minute for 1 item

If I wanted to make corrections one by one. I wouldn’t use a bot. I’d add stones one by one without bot.

you need to select stones one by one in the current system. I think it’s a total waste of time.And it has made another bots and it is very successful.

I’m trying to improve the Phbot here.
I do not understand. why do you take a stand against me?
I also know, how to set this. But it could be better, so I offer an idea. Maybe it can be added better with future update.

For Example; We can add all of them while adding red(stats) stone in PHbot. We’re just writing the percentage.And click ‘‘Add all stones’’ Very simple.
Already have the same system here.

great idea

good idea for get many item blue fast

which bot has this option?

I can’t say it. In the Phbot page: D

if you support me.
It will soon be PHbot.

so tell me on private :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t want to say :smiley: Sorry, I love PHbot and I just want to improve the Phbot here.

i love phbot too :smiley: i just asking chill…

could be useful

Only issue is I’d have to get the max values for every possible blue.

not exists in any pk2? :thinking: if not we can help. full collaboration will solve this ^^

It is. It’s the lower WORD of Param4 in _RefMagicOpt.


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like usual youre best!

if this will force ,

we can solve this in a simple way.
Setting up alchemy profiles.

  • Create a yourself profile for 11DG Clouth Set or Acc or Weapon
  • When are you want blue Select profile and add with automatic settings.

I’ve already added it. It will add all stones if they can be used on the item and the value it chooses is the max for the degree.



it will be on next testing release ?

@Ryan , You’re perfect. I didn’t think you’d solve it so quickly.
why I use the PHbot. Here’s another reason. A person who values ​​his ideas.
:clap: :clap: :clap: :gift_heart: :sparkling_heart: