Ice Temple walk script?

Hello everyone, I may have overlooked something but I’m not sure. I made a walk script to the Ice temple. So after finishing the recording an save as. I used a return scroll back to town and tried testing out the script. It tells me cannot continue script due to being in the wrong town. I have Hotan set as return area/spawn area. I also started recording from the spawn zone. So the bot runs around town to the NPC’s walks back to the spawn zone uses a return scroll and then repeats back to the NPC’s. What am I missing? Seems that it will keep using return scrolls and repeats.

Your first click must be in town spawn otherwise it cannot detect that it’s the correct script for the town.

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OK I have done that. Now my character walks all the way to the spot inside the Ice temple but it says. “Returning to town due to not being in the correct town for this script” So my character does make it all the way to the spot I want. Yet uses a return scroll right after reaching my desired training area.