I try to start bot but not start

I try to starting bot but its automatically stopped but and writed nothing on bot screen also script is true working .Its not fixed without return scroll or teleporting another map . How can i fix that problem ? And also when client is start its not starting waiting and i press stop bot , bot client and game is freezing for seconds and become normal but i dont understand why its not starting and auto stopped ?

Where is your training area and where are you starting the bot?

in jangan cave training area and starting at jangan

Did you go into the cave and click ‘get position’ or are you using a script?

using script

just using script

You’re starting it in town spawn? It should give you a reason as to why it stopped.

actually last position which is my training area seems on bot screen but ı guess need to do get position at last coordiante right ?

not always stopped but usually it stopped

Did you try teleporting somewhere then starting in Jangan again?

no ı dont because when ı press start button it changes in like 1 or 2 second

then stopped