I try the conditions

I tried evry thing about that. and still pick up, after that i fond a way: make all chars don’t pick up and add a condition to pick if some one not in traing but other things happend.
Any way i find a way but i need your help
i make NadeeN don’t pick up, only pick up if the 3 chars on the list not in traing not if one dc char pick up
how i can make it don’t pick up if the 3 chars not here , not pick up if one char not here, put pick up if the 3 not here not one of them.
i hope you understand me please

Those end up being “ands”. You have to add each character individually.

done but nothing happend, can you give me SS i make like it ? or example

You have to click build once you’re done with the condition.

i did and this is SS

and all char still pick up if one from the 3 chars not here, i want ot pick if the 3 not here not one of them

Yea you have to do the opposite next. When they are in range you have to make it stop item pick.

i want ask about it i must do it in the order or player not in range 1st
and player in range 2sc ???

That does not matter.

ok i will test it, but this all option (Conditions) is very very smart move from you ryan

wow it’s worked, this option is very very very significant, and i hope you add more thing to it,
by the way i have thing i need you to edit it in lure, stop lure if less than (…) player in the party
i want you to make it stop lure if less than (…) player in the training area
because i have 5 chars in pt ok but if char in town like any attackers and my lure is very hard all pt dead, can you ?

can you add this like option or edit it ? , in training will be useful more than in a party

I could add an “in training area” to the existing party check.

Edit: It already does that. It checks to see if they are also in the training area.

in this release or in the next one ??

because i tested that since 4 h and in range 3chars only with warr and in warr less than 5 , char dose not stop, if you have time to check it, finally thx about helping me