I really need to solve this huge problem (DC problem)!

Im using phbot since 1.5 month and this happening randomly no matter which char i use no matter where am i (this happens 4-5 time EVERY DAY!) .PHBOT got me dc sometimes. My network is perfect my game is perfect. I used to play with sbot before but didn’t take dc before like this. I open 6 char. Sometimes i got dc suddenly in 1 char only and i can’t find any reason for that.

Im playing in legion sro 140cap. Phbot version: v23.5.5

I pay this bot but im geting dc every time !!! !!! !!! !!

when legion server opened?

how come i dont get any dcs runing 20 bots? none of them dc


  1. check if the sro client and also the phBot are able to go throgh the firewall if not listed add it
    2.check ur anti vir / windows defender and set it phBot and sro to the ignor list (folder and exe)
    3.check if u maybe have set a condition in the bot for DC
    4.check ur plugins if u have any and update them
    5.set ur windows MTU size to 1492 ( just use google for info also could be dif size for you)
    6.maybe the most importent one update ur drivers easyest way would be
    “iobit DriverBooster” its free (google)
    7.if u use w-lan on that device try if for a few days with lan to make sure its not the W-lan
    8.check ur router settings and maybe open ports if there are any sro ports or phBot ports but for this point u have to ask @ryan if there are any ports to open
    9.if u dc always at the same point it could be the walkscript if you use one with inject packets
    (every server could have dif packets)
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