I need help for bug

My bot stuck on using intelligence scroll and combining inventory. I disabled use ‘intelligence scroll’ but nothing changed. My client frozen and i can’t access client.
im using testing 23.2.6

Open your conf.json a uncheck this option there.

"Scrolls": {
    "Accuracy": false,
    "Damage Absorption": false,
    "Damage Increase": false,
    "EXP Increase": false,
    "EXPTickets": false,
    "Evasion": false,
    "HP Increase": false,
    "Intelligence": false,
    "MP Increase": false,
    "SP EXP Increase": false,
    "SPEXPTickets": false,
    "Skill Point": false,
    "Speed": true,
    "Strength": false,
    "Subscription Card": false,
    "Trigger": false

Change true to false

i checked. no problem. But this is not my only problem. There is a problem with ‘inventory combining’.


i have tried. But didn’t work. Character just stuck , doing nothing

What item is it combining? It’s usually not wrong about things like that.

Restart bot and open your Character stuck ( client ) not client less
and Cancel Manual Balloon Carnival

its trying to combining vigors.

Are they already combined?

No. i try login my character without bot. maybe its help