I need forgetten wold addition


When mobs scan, why doesn’t range get from the bot? can you make a setting to fix it?
and the bot continues to see what is done in the ignore.



AttackArea,delay only receive one parameter and it’s not range, it’s delay (seconds) to checking mobs constantly!

Main reason because I’m not sure how phBot works (arguments list required as argument or maybe is not, idk)

Everything is used from bot settings, it’s a simple script to “attack” using a training area dinamically while scripting!

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I tested it and it works! But there are some conflicts.

  1. I don’t want Ghost Curse killed when I’m returning FGW. I ignored the ghost curse from the bot settings. But since it is mobs in the field, it does not continue to script. (Plugin: Killing (1) mobs at this area.) Can we ignore this in code?

  2. I entered with two characters. When the monsters die in the field, one is too late to act on the other.

That’s what I’ve observed for now. I will continue to test. Perfect work!

Test ettim ve çalışıyor! Fakat bazı çakışmalar mevcut.

  1. Ben FGW dönerken Ghost Curse’un öldürülmesini istemiyorum. Bot ayarlarından ghost curse’yi yok saydım. Fakat alanda mobs olduğundan script’e devam etmiyor. (Plugin: Killing (1) mobs at this area.) Bunu kod içinde yoksayabilir miyiz?

  2. İki karakter ile içeri girdim. Alanda canavarlar öldüğünde biri diğerine göre harekete geçmekte geç kalıyor.

Şimdilik gözlemlediklerim bunlar. Test etmeye devam edeceğim. Mükemmel bir iş!



Mmm… nice explanation. :face_with_monocle:

  1. Right, “Ghost Curse” (?) could be a setting, just ignore by default. I can fix that!

  2. Syncronize players? It’s problematic, looks like require a party control at every player.
    Are you asking that?

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Syncronize players? It’s problematic, looks like require a party control at every player.
Are you asking that?

It’s not like that. That would be a little compelling. At least for this phase.

I mean, when they arrive at the site at the same time, one character is delayed by another after the zone is cleared.

In addition: After cleaning the area irregularly, the character waits where it is. Log field “area clean, start bot” similar record appears. Thats all.


[Plugin] xAutoDungeon

Edit: I have to do a stop / start bot every time. This way it goes on again.



use trace for other bot :slight_smile:



I’ve tried this method before. But this time the characters can be stuck. even if I set a waiting period in every corner.



then use chat control example when all mobs killed main char write from party stopbot and trace main char after next area when start killing mobs again main char write stop trace and start bot jellybitz can fix for party chat control ^^