I need forgetten wold addition


please link ı dont know auto forgetten world
addition help me thank <3


There is nothing in the bot that allows you to automatically complete FGW. You will need to write your own plugin or find someone that has made one already.


I can give you some help, if you try to test this I could help you even more. Should be work as script!

from phBot import *
from threading import Timer

check_mobs_time = 0.0
isAttacking = False

log('Plugin: Succesfully loaded [%s].' % __name__)

# Attack all mobs around using the bot config. Ex: "AttackArea" or "AttackArea,15"
# Will be checking mobs every 15 seconds at this area as default. Longer check time will increase the time to sync with other players, probably
def AttackArea(arguments):
	# stop bot and kill mobs through bot or continue script normally
	if getMobCount() > 0:
		# stop script
		# set automatically the training area
		p = get_position()
		set_training_position(p['region'], p['x'], p['y'])
		# checking time
		global check_mobs_time
		check_mobs_time = 15.0 #15s as default
		if len(arguments) > 1 and int(arguments[1]) > 0 :
			check_mobs_time = float(arguments[1])
		# start to kill mobs on other thread because interpreter lock
	# otherwise continue normally
		log("Plugin: Not mobs at this area.")
	return 0

# Attacking mobs using all configs from bot
def AttackMobs():
	if getMobCount() > 0:
		# Start to kill mobs with last training area
		if not isAttacking:
			global isAttacking
			isAttacking = True
			log("Plugin: Killing mobs at this area.")
		# Check if there is not mobs to continue the script
		# All mobs killed, stop botting
		global isAttacking
		isAttacking = False
		# Setting training area far away. The bot should continue where he was at the script
		log("Plugin: All mobs killed. Getting back to the script")

# Count all mobs around your character (60 or more it's the max. range I think)
def getMobCount():
	monsters = get_monsters()
	if monsters:
		return len(monsters)
	return 0

It’s possible through bot.
You should think about bot configs, that could be a problem. This will need to restart scripting outside training area, or die, so keep sure this won’t back to town.

Basically, the bot will stop (not sure really if this function works at scripting) at command, check mobs around, set training area, try to kill them, reset training area, restart bot, continue script (should restart at closer point of script). Use as :