I need a new property

I need new property like a DoScript in the create Script menu
With this feature, when it encounters this feature during the command, the bot will stop and the Script will change, the Bot will Start after 3 seconds.
sorry for my bad english level.
I hope what I want to tell has been understood.
I expect a positive or negative answer in this regard.
thank you so much.

Help Please
I try to Write ADDON but do not workin :smiley:

Why not put the script you want it to execute into the current script?

I use the plugin xAutoDungeon. One-piece SCRIP does not work correctly when using xAutoDungeon. so I had to split it into 6 pieces
this is why I need

What are you think ?
Do you help me ?

I am Try addons code but failed to load
only 10 lines of code

@genco07 autodungeon works update ur plugin the command for it is
Even if you get this script change thing to work there will be 1 problem… It will change script and starts walking before even killing 1 mob