I just bought PHBOT but didnt get any id pass

I just bought phbot from this site https://www.bursagb.com/ but didn’t get any id password to my email.

you should contact with them

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I’m not familiar with that website. What are they supposed to send you?

I did it. They say " We bought “TIME” to your account that you gave us. Which I gave them e mail adress. So I just created this forum account and gave them my e mail adress. So The support said " We just uploaded “TIME” to your account.

Actually when I created this froum account I didnt get any random email and password from Project Hax. So something must went wrong between two site.

type that email that you send them, your info will be sent to your email.
forum account and bot account are separate now.

When I do this I get “User not found with that email address.” error. So I didn’t create any account on site except this forum account. What am I supposed to do?

@Ryan Need help.

there is no registration for bot account. they entered your mail wrong or they did not tried at all.

Did you give them the right email?

I have the same issue i bought the bot but you guys didin’t send me any e-mail so I tried to reset my password from accaount section but it says e-mail is invalid so what should i do

Check your spam folder. This thread is 2 years old.