I have several errors with the pH bot

months ago these problems did not have them, download and buy the ph bot again and I have these errors.

I don’t have the function in the stable phbot to evade the obstacles, but in the test I do.

the lvl condition does not work, with neither version.

in auto lvl skills, a power that I don’t have yet for the level stays up.

why so many mistakes? Before everything worked perfect, that’s why I bought it again. I hope quick solution

Another problem I have is that it does not log only with this character, with others if, but with this one in particular it stays in the character selection.

Another problem I find in the stable ph bot does not have the option to enter by title.
the ph bot test if you have it.

Stable doesn’t have these features. You should use the testing release which has them.

previously the stable version had these characteristics

No it didn’t. It never did.

for the maystery error just enter

Masteries >> click on ( Clear Auto Maystery - Clear Auto Skill ) and it will be fixed
the error some skill cant lvled up …

for the select char male sure both names are the same
ur char name 11Time11 and in the manager the name is 11Tiime11 with double ( ii )

the rest are coz u using stable version just switch to testing ^^

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