I have a few suggestions

Hi, I have a few suggestions for phbot testing, would you rate it?

1-) When a buff is finished, the option to reuse all buff should be added.
1.1-) The option to go to the center of the training area should be added when using Buff.
2-) The “Invite party members to player” option should not be checked by default(It must be under our control.)
3-) When Berzerk opens, the option should not be added to not return to the city.(When Berzerk is open, don’t go to town.)
4-) When x times die, the bot should not accept auto res (reserve invitation) after auto stop.
5-) I guess the monster priority is not working correctly (I want to kill the first giant, but bot does not attack the giant. Bot attacking to normal monsters.)

(I apologize if I have some of my suggestions, I haven’t seen it.)

1.1 if you enable this cleric will stay at center.


just maake party giant prefer then make rest avoid. or meh.

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Thanks, I didn’t know these :slight_smile:

In addition to the 5th suggestion; That’s what I already did it. After X times die, the bot stops but bot accepts the invitations from the other players resurrection. In my opinion the bot must not accept invitations to resurrect after it has stopped.

make the pt master cleric. then tag the auto accept ress from party players its easiest way. dont let your other cleric’s ressurection