I got this problem,any help?

its niva server


Something is wrong with pk2 files of your server. Try to re-add your server. Also add your game folder to exception list on Defender.

i tried,same problem,i also did that,still don’t work,any help? @Ryan

Update your bot.

i did update it to the latest version @Ryan i still get the same error,is there some games that phbot doesn’t support?,

if admins of the game changed some stuff in the data or media pk 2,it can stop phbot from working?,any solution to that?



is there any solution? @Ryan

I will have to download it and test.

i’ll be waiting for your answer buddy @Ryan,thank you

Tested. Game launches fine so I think there’s an issue on your PC. Possibly AV deleting some files from their client?

i have 3 pcs,tested it on all of them,same issue,it never launches i asked a friend too

I’m not sure what it could be since it loads fine on my end. It seems like a missing file.

why are you lying lol


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God never lies. :v

It could be the window title so try changing that in phBot.ini.

Re-extract phbot

@Ryan i still get this error,i did everything,can you provide a solution,what to change in .ini?