I get dc when i run to client

Look Ryan i always paying this bot for craptap plus bot charging. there is a fucking problem what makes me crazy mad and you cant fucking fix it… When i click to go client something happens and it does not go to client till it get dc… when do you fcuking fix this problem or i’ll be crazy and change this fucking bot im done. it happens since 4 months thats ENOUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…

its about gaymax he told like 20 times in forum. it stuck on client screen because joymax broke gfx thing so ■■■■ off

Can’t fix that. There have been numerous threads about it and it’s Joymax’s fault for updating GFXFileManager that causes it to sometimes not load files.

This has nothing to do with CrapTrap.

i wasnt asking the question to you dont answer again when no one asking to you so ■■■■ you mom

fucking moron