I did not get mail with my phbot user after purchase

Good afternoon yesterday I made a purchase of phbot for 4 weeks which cost me $ 6 and until today I have not received my email with my ID and my password payment made to debit measures from Chile. I need an answer please.

Which method did you use? Try resetting your password: phBot | Silkroad Online Bot

User not found with that email address.

I gave him to buy phbot and pay for the page and make the payment by paymentwall make the payment but I never got the receipt in the mail nor did the account arrive

Did you type the right email?

If my friend my email is [email protected] the same with which I register this account, I even sent a confirmation email to activate this account, but you have no way to check the turn of the shipment that I made to you?

In the same way there seems to be that my money was returned, I don’t know if I try again, what about you?

Use a different payment method and make sure you type your email correctly. The bot and forum are different accounts so they can differ.

I only have debit, I don’t have credit cards yet

They work exactly the same way.

well there is try again let’s wait to see it work

nothing friend again I made the transfer and nothing that reaches me the mail I need the bot bot :frowning: