I checked dc reason

befor i start i’m not say test release is bad ot it has a problem but
i got mad from dc really i talk to frind, he only says use the stable release
idk what is the reason but i download it, i try use it, it seems like no dc i vrtified it my self
1 week 2 x parties open by stable, believe me no any dc, 2x parties open by test i can only say stable (dc 1%) and test (dc 35%) but i need test release because it has more option than stable.
@Ryan i know you can check it and fix it, or copy options from last test release to last stable release
and i will test
by the way my friend (youmaster) send you greet he hope back to sro soon and back to ph

Which server and while doing what?

Fetonia , gold bot , stall , plv

Still need more info. While stalling is it disconnecting while splitting/combining and adding new items to the stall? If not and it’s doing nothing then I don’t know how I’m supposed to find the issue.

while stalling , plv while attacking , good bot while attacking and all time dc ,

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I can’t really understand the answer. Does it disconnect while standing in town doing nothing?

Staller - DC While stall open in town (dw)
gold bot - DC while attacking 107-109
PLv - DC while attacking mobs 120-134-125

if i open char by testing and stay in town without starting bot this char no dc if i open it 4 days no dc no dc really

And when does it disconnect while stalling? Combining/splitting/adding new items?

yes while stalling

i think you mis uderstand me i say when i open stable 1 day you can say 1 or 2 chars DC
when i open test all time chars dc you can say 30 chars or 40 dc in day ???
understand me now ?

Are you saying with only one bot open you don’t disconnect no matter what you’re doing but many (40+) you do?

i try open 50 Chars by Stable Release no dc 1% dc i day
i try open 50 chars by Testing Release Dc day 35 %
but if i open 100 acc without start bot no dc
understand me now ?

I think your PC is chugging when you open that many processes so some of them may freeze for too long causing it to disconnect. Stable is lighter and does less “stuff” so it doesn’t happen as often.

nono my pc Core i 7 and open all Client less

my frine’s pc core i 7 6th Generation Ram 64 - he open 35 Chars only his pc is the best :smiley:

he used testing 1 year and change it to stable and no dc

It has to be that. There is no difference if you run 1 or 50.

you leave the point of this topic , stable no dc - test all time dc ? the same chars the same pc the same internet

now i closed 32 chars open 18 since 13 H and still dc, i can’t use stable because i need the options of testing

I can try a few things. I’ll send you a version to try in a few minutes.