I can't use the manager

whenever i restart my laptop when i start manager it gets empty plus i when i add the accounts and start nothing happens game doesn’t run

How are you starting it on reboot?

i just open the manager and it’s clean inside maybe i’m missing something so can u tell me how can i save them on manager and how can i config them so that they can start all together? instead of opening individual phbot and launching n so on

Did you add your accounts to it and save it?

i did now and this is what i get: “Command Line: Private server name was not found in the config”

That means you’re missing some info on the character.

can i know which slots should i fill exactly please

Probably the “Private Server” field in the Manager. Make sure it’s set and it matches what is in the bot.

nope i opened manually one of them and private server is empty and when i wrote the name of the server it didn’t work both ways

ok i fixed this one but now it say that there is no server in the list add one before going clientless

is there a way to fix it?

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