I cant use only 1 acc how we can fix it?

[22:54:29] Connecting to the agent server []

[22:54:31] Connected

[22:54:38] Character successfully joined the game

[22:54:38] Pick Filter: Loaded

[22:54:38] Quest: Loaded

[22:54:38] Town: Loaded

[22:54:38] Stall: Loaded

[22:54:38] There was an error parsing your character data. Please upload Log\Error.txt to ProjectHax.com

Server? Version?

isro v23.3.5

Where’s the file?

on desktop but i login total 52 accounds only 1 is going to problem.

How should Ryan known this issue when you don´t upload the file like the error tells you…

i cant see any settings

I’m asking for the Error.txt file.

Error.txt (48.4 KB)

that fix ??

You need to update your bot. I’m guessing it’s related to the new santa avatars.