i can't open more than 2 char continuously

hi, i got a problem with phbot specially with testing mode version or stable version that has no queue option, when testing one has that option but only working while i insert information of accounts or login situation but when i relogin or disconnect or internet down this testicle doesnt work despite i use different gateaway for each 2 chars 1 ip, so overall i make 4 accounts try for 2 different ip gateaway, and i can’t get smoothly use and stable with testing or stable one because of that ip bannes once relogin or disconnect or internet down so what the way to handle that and can get the best way and stable one using this system, waiting you help and solution…

You should use manager to control your logins.


how i can set manager with using testing mode and what the different between purchased one and manager if i got purchased phbot and i have to use manager i think manager use it without purchase it !!

I dont really understand what youre saying but manager is free no matter which version of bot that you use. You just link whatever phbot.exe you want to use in manager settings.

i really want explanations in details how i can use testing mode and manager and control logins that’'s thing i got another question what the different between i going to buy phbot for any months or use manager for free !! that i ment above.

Manager is just a tool to open the bots for you, its not actually a bot… download it and check it out.

You can make your settings something like this:


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oka seems good but i still want know where i should insert chars and set other options above every setting ! there’s a explanation for this manager in details in your site ! phbot client ! with every setting what it did and should set it !

Press the + at the bottom to add chars, there you will enter all your character information. The settings you made previously on the bot will load when the character joins the game.

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just mess around with it till u understand…

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oka thanks guys i understand some :slightly_smiling_face:

when char get dc from server manager can’t relogin and connect again what i do ?

If you have the chars on start (green) it will close the bots and reopen them when you disconnect.

so that means will wait all got off ( not green ) to reconnect them !!

look i got 4, 3 in game and botting and 1 got dc and couldnt reconnect try to open client and close it keep doing that

Increase your disconnected delay in options.

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