I can't launch game

I need help for launch game. Because ı use fist time Phbot but i try at all FAQ

You have to use the testing release and change the bot title so it does not say phBot. There is already a thread for this exact problem.

ı did. but my problem is not solved . :frowning:

At the very bottom of this thread I show what you need to change in phBot.ini - Phbot detected on your system.

My promlem is ; I press the launch game button but nothing happens , and button status do passive

Not: I try this step but it 's not working

Sounds like a different problem. Go into task manager and see if there are any clients still running that have not exited. Terminate them and if that doesn’t work try rebooting.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss. It worked relog… tnx so much man. İf I any problems can ı write here ?

Sure, open a new thread if it’s a different problem.

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