I can't find Genie npc

Script: Walking to 163, 55
Auto Quest: Getting quest reward [Genie’s Lamp]
Auto Quest: No NPC actions could be found
Script: Walking to 150, 51
Script: Walking to 136, 47
Script: Walking to 125, 40
Script: Walking to 119, 38
Auto Quest: Quest could not be found

Whats the problem ?

Most likely you do not have the Genie Lamp quest available in the NPC. Have you gone in manually to see if it is there?

tomorrow i can check it see ya :smiley:

sorry for the late reply. there was no Internet. But I do not even see the mission

Where? In the NPC or the bot?

now I see that they have been corrected. with the new version…

im sorry :wink:

No worries. It should be capable of completing Hand the lamp with path finding now :slight_smile:

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OHHHHHHHHH GOoooooood what? :smiley: absoluty your amazing 150% bettern than orher bots <3 Sorry my bad english…