I always get dc need help

hi im using win10 home and i always get dc after any of my chars login with without silver they always dc max after 5-10 min ltr :rage: :rage:
i looked in task manager and i see
SVCHOT.EXE right next to it says not allowed
idk this relevant or not but im going madness since days!!!
any solve for it???

like this

What does that have to do with Windows?

Have you tried turn it off and on again?

A lot of things can cause this issue.

  1. Have you restarted your pc the last few days?
  2. Do you get dc aswell if you start the client without the bot?
  3. Do you get dc aswell if you start the bot without the Manager?
  4. Have you tried to use the Stable Version instead of the Testing or otherwise?
  5. Do you have a stable internet connection? LAN or Wireless LAN?
  6. Have you tried to reinstall the bot?
  7. Have you tried to reinstall the game? (some files could be coruppt or missing)
  8. Have you tried to deactivate your anti-virus?
  9. Have you updated your win10 to the latest version?


You worked hard, certain: D

yep, indeed! It took me hours of hard work to figure this out! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but from now on I can copy&paste it to any other cd-problem-topic :grin: