HWT Script Works

Deleted … The players were abusing it with more than 50 chars in the server i am playing on


Yes it works.

My advice is to keep the party together during the command;

  • Add waiting time to characters in light clothes. (with a different script) So the heavily clothed character can catch up with them.

Türkçesini de yaz :smiley:

When there are normal contractions should I close?

i didnt understand ur question

give me server name :smiley:

file empty after download it

Filed is deleted can upload again please?


file empty after download it, please upload again

Please, post it, I’m having problems while downloading these scripts u post, can u plis reply me the x,y u got on those scripts?
I’l thinking about auto adv hwt

Hi mate, before I want to thank you for all the effort you made with this scripts, but I have a problem, I dont have pick pet and the chars are not collecting the Arena coins, they just pick one and continue with the script, I add Wait, 5000 but still not picking. Help me with that pls.

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