HWT Script Works

I Heard that many ppl facing an issue with HWT Scripting, So i start creating one for me and tried to fix almost every problem Until it worked, so i said why I dont share it with others :slight_smile:

Plugin must be uesd:

how to add the plugin:

( Press Reload Button after: instead of restarting bot and u will find the plugin)

Training Scirpts for HWT
I had created 2 Scripts
First one : From hotan to HWT and will do the HWT ( named : Hotan Town to HWT )
Second one: you should enter HWT then start the bot ( named : HWT inside

the link for the 2 Scripts: https://github.com/Mo7ammadQ8/PhBotScripts
inside the folder

Training Area menu > Right Click in the Script > Change Script and Select one of the Above
or From Manager Right Click on the char and Change Script.

Note (( IMPORTANT ))
1- Change the radius to 45 ( Training Area menu )
2- Remove Attack lower monster first ( Attack menu > attack bar )
3- Set Monster Preference all mob meh and For Uniqs Prefer ( Protection Menu > Monster )
4- Allow Berseker for Uniqs Only so it will end faster ( Protection Menu > Monster )
5- And For the most important one: enter the Plugin Menu
Select xAutoDungeon bar
then Don’t select Anything from Avoid or Only
Add the Monster Names that will be in the link:

make sure to copy them because some mobs have a space at the end of their name and thats the issue why the bot not Ignoring them
Note: Download the Text File for the Ignoring : Better because its seems not working pefectly in the site

Tried the Script at :
at Pharaoh tomb (beginner) Only
Private Server XOEN

GL Everyone <3


Yes it works.

My advice is to keep the party together during the command;

  • Add waiting time to characters in light clothes. (with a different script) So the heavily clothed character can catch up with them.

well, i am running it with 1 char thats why i dont need a waiting time :stuck_out_tongue:

Türkçesini de yaz :smiley:

Edit: Dont Enable Detection Collasion , i dunno why he ignore some uniqs when Detection is Enabled
Edit2: Regarding to xAutodungeon update the setting of it should be as the image below

Edit3: Add Lighting khepri + Bastet to ignore list
and make sure to add them again then with space after their names ! :slight_smile:

Edit4: make sure to ignore giant and general from the phbot ( protection )

Edit5: make sure to use xAutoDung… version : 0.4.1 for now :slight_smile:

When there are normal contractions should I close?

i didnt understand ur question

give me server name :smiley:

file empty after download it

Filed is deleted can upload again please?

file empty after download it, please upload again

Please, post it, I’m having problems while downloading these scripts u post, can u plis reply me the x,y u got on those scripts?
I’l thinking about auto adv hwt

Hi mate, before I want to thank you for all the effort you made with this scripts, but I have a problem, I dont have pick pet and the chars are not collecting the Arena coins, they just pick one and continue with the script, I add Wait, 5000 but still not picking. Help me with that pls.

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