HWID troubles on Pserver

Hello. I just starting on phbot.
My problem is this I’m playing on a private server “Anxi” but there is a software which don’t you connect more than 2 accounts on same PC “HWID”, I reset my email HWID on the web (phBot | Silkroad Online Bot) but the problem is still here. Really appreciate if someone can help me.

waiting for your answer ty =)

Use the testing release for private servers.

Is the same error, as I said I already reset hwid by web, need help.

phBot HWID has nothing to do with the game. How many clients do you already have open?

I have 2 clients open without bot, so I can fix HWID client software with phbot ? =(.
All I need is change the ID of the client in order to avoid HWID protection, really need help here. =(

That’s not something I do.

PC Limit 2 in that server, you can’t open more…

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