How to use proxy in phobot and in manager

hi pls someone help me how i can add proxy to phbot??? and how to use it in the manager pls!

All you need to do is type in the SOCKS proxy details on the Silkroad Login tab. For the Manager, do you need help setting it up or just the SOCKS config?

thanks for reply, i figured out how to use it in bot client… but i still cant use within manager
i dont even know where i can add it :s

i noticed char dc when it reaches Queue 10-8 it happened twice now
is that related to proxy or game i cant tell the problem where exactly
[23:59:47] Connecting to the gateway server [] through

[23:59:48] Proxy: No response from the SOCKS4 proxy

[23:59:48] Auto Relog: Starting relog process

[23:59:48] Clientless: Retrying in 30 seconds

Try using SOCKS 5 instead. There could be an issue with the provider you have chosen.

i still need help how to add proxy details within manager? :s

Click on the Proxy tab and type in your proxy details. Click Add / Save and now you can choose it from the list on the left. Select the name and click Set. The Set All option will set the proxy for all of your accounts.

Hey Ryan, i have tried to find info on how to setup proxys for the last few days, ive mad a few posts read dozens. im hoping you can hlep. my goal is to log 6 accounts. it seems as tho i will need 3 proxys. im fine paying for them. is there a spot specifically that i should get them from that has worked for others? and then once i know where to get it from, can you give me a tutorial of how to set it up? maybe its really simple, but i cant find anything on the forums at all. a simple step by step would be great! im playing isro (standard one from joymax website.) hope you can help. have a great day!

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Theres many proxy providers out there, just google for SOCKS 4 or 5 proxies. Once you buy them you just have to enter the info into manger and assign each char a proxy.


i can do 2 chars per proxy right?

ya just try to put them on different gateways