How to make phbot Do Auto Arena

how i can make the phbot auto reg arena

i dont understand what should i do maybe it wil be better with photos

Sorry, can’t help you with that. The instructions are pretty clear. You download the plugin to your Plugins folder then add script commands in your town or walk script to register for certain arena’s.

i download the script but bot say failed to load the xarena

Do you have the Python files installed? Use the installer.


Are you using the testing release?

yes iam using it

Just making sure. I’m not sure what could be the issue with it not loading.

iam sure that i made every thing right

Did you let the installer install all of the vcredists?

yes iam sure that i did that i can reinstal it again but i wil lose all accounts config

old ver of xarena loaded without any problem

Last time I’ve used this arena plugin party match wasn’t working but if random is fine for u I could help u after 2,30h

That’s the lastest version.

Everything should be working. All types are included otherwise is a server modification to avoid bots…

Blockquote great

the one On Github Not working So fix most Plugins on github not working