How to change default gateway

I play on vsro 2JoB, I want to change default gateway from to

Don’t you have an option on Manager to change gateway?

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I dont see any function to change gateway, pls show me

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We have this option for iSRO. Maybe you guys don’t have that I’m not sure.

i play on vsro, dont have that option, sadly

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If there are two gateways on vSRO is it possible to add that Gateway option? @Ryan

updat manneger bro that with maneger

it’s the lastest one bro

donlowad new manger at new folder and add all u char again

ít’s an option for isro man! not for private server

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Yeah that’s the answer.

if this server has a 2nd gateway it will be listed here (its p-server)image

They’re playing on official vSRO. As far as I know there’s no gateway option for that. The reason could be their stupid X-Trap or XIGNCODE thing.

I have to mannually do that therefore I asked for changing default gateway huh!

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