How many acc try to login at the same time?

Hello everyone,

I did a research on this forum and i try to put on my manager to login 2 accounts at the same time. I got blocked several times. Now i am trying to login just 1 account and it’s ok. Anyone knows if i am doing anything wrong or can try to login more than 1 and i am doing anything wrong?

thanks everyone,

Login one at a time per gateway server.

OK Ryan, thanks!

…but, for example, on Manager i use “random”. How can i config the manager to choose 1 gateway for 1 account and another for another account?


Yes i know… but for example,
-char A with (…).127;
-char B with (…).21;
-char C with (…).127;
-char D with(…).21;

If i am tring to login the char A and C or B and D at the same time i will get blocked. Do you understand?

In that case you should only let it start one account at a time.

Hello again,

I already put just 1 account to login at time, however, it just happen once but i get blocked too for a time.

How we can explain this or avoid this?

Do not use the bot relog option in the Manager.

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