How i can change my PW in Phbot? old site cant! here to no i have 128 Days and cant chnage PW

Plese i need Help to change my PW i have 128 Days and cant change this!

Hi pery,

you can reset your password here: phBot | Silkroad Online Bot


Thanks Delirus , User not found with that email address. idk why i cant to

You have to use the email that is related to your LoginData. Check your emails, you must have entered the wrong one

no this old email, and cant change idk what happens

Delirus i make new id and pw here because say old no exit and same not can change pw!

Forum and bot are totally different accounts now. It is explained in the News section of the forum.

I dont know how it works if you got time before the new Forum was live. I guess its the old forum email then.

But if you bought PhBot Time after the new Forum launched you will have something similar to this in your inbox:

In my case [email protected] would be the right email address

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2016, good times.

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Ryan at moment i cant change my pw you can help ?

Ryan i put email and no acept say no email

Well what did you type the first time when you bought it?

Send me your username that you use for the bot.

my id is : pery

Your email starts with usgc01.

i will check again thanks