How do u read this EXTREME info?

the EXP per hour is just WTF!
XP info’s are “0.468453%”
XP ingame is ##.##%
where did the other ##.######% come from?
can u make it simple?
or is there a plugin with less complicated/ridiculise details?



display it like a normal SRO maybe?
what does math have to do with knowing how much XP silkroad-system-based did i gain?
like this EXP/hour 0.282978%
how u read that in silkroad EXP system language ?

Those stats don’t exist in game.

lol it seems you dont understand numbers at all. The bot simply keeps track of how much exp you gained and divides it by how many minutes/hours the bot has been running… if you dont like all the extra digits just round up… 0.282978% is the same as 0.28% per hour. You can make it 0.2829789641981692619811318% its still the same number…

math is hard

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