How do I avoid Giant/Party mobs etc

I’m kinda new to the game and the bot, since it was cheap I decied to give it a try. I read the whole guide but there is no “Monster” tab in my bot. There is only “monster pref” and even tho i added giant/party type and selected avoid, it doesn’t avoid them, just rushing and attacking them. I also installed “testing version” not the stable one. Should i use stable one? Can admin help me? Thank you!

Go to the preferences tab and right click in the window. Add a new “Type” and choose the one you want to avoid. Right click on the ones you added and set them to avoid.

Thank you for the fast reply. I added General instead of naming the mobs that i want to attack that seem to fixed it but it just ignores them and they keep attacking me (giants/party) Avoid should be running away from them, I don’t know how it works though.

Ignore will never attack the monster.

Avoid will not select monsters that are near the one you are avoiding. It will not attack them unless they attack you.

u have to add the ignore/avoid on top
& hit that check box
it has to be in order… for how u see fits…

This worked, thank you!

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