How Do i add So-Ok to the town script

Hello i’m new to phbot and would like to know if it is posible to add So-ok to the script creation
i play ExaySRO and would like to know if there is a option to deliver the letters from a custom quest ther


Phbot not working with HAPPY event. Need help @Ryan it’s so necessary.
Server Fembria Online.

Oke But the event quest if i seach for “Event” its not in the Quest list

You have to manually add it.

@Ryan what about this?

just check and read what ryan send´s you there is also a comment from me and this will work

Not working for me. Quest has 2 steps Step 1 HAPPY Event Step 2 Deliver HAPPY Letters. I tried both quest names but not working. PM ME Please

You don’t need to specify the quest name. It will go through each one.

Can you help me with this sir? :slight_smile: cuz i made it but not working :confused:

quest,Event So-Ok

command line:quest,Event So-Ok,HAPPY Event

[14:37:23] Script: Walking to 6450, 1045

[14:37:28] Auto Quest: Quest could not be found


Do not add the quest name.

quest,Event So-Ok

oh thanks

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