How can i send clicks and keystrokes to minimized game window?

I want to make my own bot for a mmorpg called Perfect World, i already know that i need to know programming, and i was trying to make it with autoit, but there is no way to send clicks and keystrokes to a minimized window(game window), so i was wondering if someone with bot programming experience could help me with that, i will be very thankful :wink:

hello and welcom in project hax forum =) i hop some coder can help you i send to you one link from another forum who talking about Perfect Word
have fun and good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ryan knows alot more than i do about bots but here are my 2 cents: every client has to communicate with the server, theres no way around it! . If you catch the communication you could attempt analyzing it, though it will take alot of time to do so, especially cause every developer will use his own system to do so.
but once you understood how client/server communication works you can start faking a client which will be the bot in this case. But you will need alot of programming experience cause most games have anticheat software which makes it really hard to create a bot for a game. The rest will be being creative on what you can do with the information you got. Some things will be possible others wont be.

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You can use SendMessage to send mouse clicks and key strokes to a window. If the game has some kind of anti cheat it will block it.

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Oh, thanks for the answer Ryan, but is this SendMessage for c++ or other language?

Also, what programming language do you recommend me use for the bot?

It’s part of the Windows API so you should be able to use it with any language. C++ and C# are good choices.


Oh, this is great, i was about to start learning c# and this will motivate me even more now, thank you so much Ryan :wink: