Horse Dismount problem


i’ve found an issue since 25.1.4 and still happening at 25.1.7

the problem is when i start bot while horse is already mounted the bot stops and never dismount it only if i dismounted manually bot start

tested at TRSRO

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If you see “dismounting pet” in the log it is sending the packet and the server is not responding.

yup, upon arrival to the training area, the character doesn’t dismount. Tested on trsro as well.

This happens frequently :frowning:

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no it doesn’t send the packet as @ddkorkut screen shot it just write bot started and it keep standing without doing any move only if i dismounted the pet bot start to buff … etc

same here

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Finally some useful info. Basically people don’t want it to dismount during certain times and it breaks a lot stuff when you get to your training area. I don’t know what exact scenario you’re in for it to not dismount so I’ll make it always dismount if you are in the training area.


yes this looks more logic

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thank you for the fast response :heart:

Let me know if it fixes it.

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yes its fixed

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