High CPU usage

I noticed a high degree of CPU usage.

If you don’t tell me the version I cannot do much.

sry for butting in
when adding the LowLatency=1 in `phBot.ini
my CPU heat went up around 10%(up&down)(8chars by manager)
but its not effecting anything… (personally)…

soo higher Latency = less CPU stress?

Indeed. That is why it is not enabled by default.

where i put it



add the line in that .ini

& close all bots

do it if u got i7+ CPU
& dont mind around 10% extra heat/usage per 8characters on windows10

That will increase CPU usage.

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i dont have file phbot.ini
can u upload for me

Found the problem. If there are tons of items around you or constantly being dropped it has to check if it can pick the item over and over which causes high CPU usage.


ur link down

Because I released it.

@Ryan just items or gold too?

Gold = item.

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