High CPU Usage after updating

Hi there,

Before updating phbot, I was able to connect around 55 accounts and my cpu was between 40-70%. Now I recently updated the phbot (2-3 days ago) and now the CPU is always at 100% with only 39 accounts, somethimes 1 phbot is taking 25-30% of the cpu, thing is, I don’t know which one since they are all clientless and automatically hidden.

Is there a way to “downgrade” to an older version of the bot?

Nothing on the pc changed nor the accounts, so idk whats going on

I am having the same issue, i use to log with 32 and the Cpu was less than 50 %
now its over 80 % :S

all the client are clientlessly too

I’ll try to make some changes. If you could figure out exactly when it occurs it would be more helpful but that’s probably not possible.

It occurs all the time because I have so many accounts logged in that when I go to check which account it is, that char is no longer the one having a 30% spike on the cpu, it’s another one, and it just keeps on going.

Hmm. Let me know if it’s fixed in the next version.

Is it out?

No. Still adding new things.

Alright, if you can please respond here when is out so I get a notification would be greatly appreciated <3

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@jahrinc https://forum.projecthax.com/t/latest-testing-release/24/85

Trying now, I’ll update you

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Seems all fine, I have 47/57 on and cpu is between 15-60% which most of the time is ~20-30.

There’s sometimes a 100% cpu peak for like 5-10 seconds, which it wasn’t happening before, but is a lot better than before.

What was the problem?

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No idea.

hello @Ryan i have the same problem here and i don’t know what to do, i was using about 50 accounts and now only 20 with 100% cpu usage
any help please :slightly_smiling_face: