Hi Ryan. There are a few minor problems

1- When mobs push or hurl the character. Unfortunately the character doesn’t goes back to the marked coordination. (free bot has this feature)

2- If you are in the effect of damage scrolls, you can’t get into devil mod. When the devil came, automaticly system cancels the scrolls and gets into devil mode on ?

Any there ?

  1. Can’t test that.
  2. What system cancels it?

I would be happy if you could make it very important to go back to the center coordinate. Because mobs hurl character :frowning:

We need option > Walkback to center

After what? That option exists for buffing.

After mobs purl. Because it pushes 40-50 meters forward.

Which monsters?

Adonis hamar 123 lvl.

Do you have an account I can borrow to test those monsters? The highest I have is 114 or something.

i don’t think it’s necessary? And i dont play isro.

it just needs a feature to get back to the center when it’s out of range :slight_smile:

Hmmm I Think If It’s A Warrior Luring There is An Option TO Walk Back To The Center Or Wait
And I Think You Can Make This Automatically With Radius
I Mean Training Radius You Could Make It 0 … I Tried That And All My Buffers Go Back If Anything Happens