Hi Ryan, All

I will give a few examples what is not working on the bot:
Repair Hammers bought from silk, the bot is not using them at all.
Server Disconnects , the bot wont stay logged in not event for 6 hours straight.
Bot improvement idea regarding Academy , make a function to keep only the players in the party who is in your Academy and list.

Please live us an update if this can be fixed.
Server in question :https://www.exaysro.com/.

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Set your weapons on the inventory tab.

On inventory tab ? What you mean by that Ryan ?

Right click in your primary/second weapons and set them.

Hi mate, is there a guide how to set this up?
I’m still confused what you mean by the above.(Right click in your primary/second weapons and set them.) Also regarding the extra setting for phbot regarding Academy if you could advise.
And regarding the game massive disconnect issues, as i can’t get not even bot to stay on 24hours.

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Thank you Ryan for the feedback.
Could you please advise if the extra option related to Academy will be added as well?
Also if you could advise regarding the Disconnect’s … As if we farm Academy it’s a bit annoying that we get disconnected all time and need to reconnect 4 char’s…

Could somebody investigate this if it is from Phbot or from exeySRO server?

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True, but this will cause issuers related to the people how are not in your list to join.
Like as example 100 different people would join your Academy you can’t add all to list.
And the ogle here is to make it sow that option is available:
For example on my server all players almost stooped using Sbot as it do-sent have Academy options as Phbot. Because it’s a big fight on hon-ore buff’s farming.
This with allowing only players to join your Party if they only joined your Academy would be a Big Win for Phbot…

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Not even whit the setting what you sent me on the above Ryan the bot still not use Repair Hammer’s.

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48 hour’s no reply nobody cares, what ever.

Because I’ve tested this before and it does work. Something is wrong with your settings.

Trust me it dose not, and Disconnect’s are going like crazy whit Phbot.

It’s a miracle if your logged in after 4 hour’s with all 4 chars. Also repair hammer’s i used your above setting’s all reed till the morning. Disconnect’s it’s the biggest issue what Phbot has.

Go to inventory.
Right click your weapon - Set as primary
If you have a 2nd weapon for buffs - set as secondary

Bot will now use hammers. I had the same issue :wink: This solved it.

I use Warrior , Rouge, i can’t use buff’s.
Also my friend is trying to reconnect my char’s and chars are getting disconnected all time.
Now , if there is a letter’s event or something similar you are in a big advantageous using Phbot, as your chars will be logged of anyway overnight if not even faster.

Thank you for the feedback,

I will try this out tonight.

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All options are the same, not working.
Also same disconnect issues.

Not relogging

S1035 is a server problem. You can’t fix that.