Hey just asking

i cant login cilentless in first connect? i try alot but cant any help please

i play vsro

Which server? Use the testing release for private servers (and official vSRO).

i already use testing but not working cilentless and if i try open cilentless i get it [18:28:07] Connecting to the gateway server [server.play-adrenaline.com:9000]
[18:28:07] Connected
[18:28:08] Server capacity [Adrenaline] [71.6%]
[18:28:10] Login: Sending login credentials
[18:28:10] Captcha: Success
[18:28:10] Unknown login error [11]

You need to use the client to login for that server.

you mean i must only login cilent then make cilentless only this way i cant open first login cilnetless?

They have a HWID limit so you need to login with the client so it is sent. Click “Launch” at the bottom right.

so there fix or this from game?

Login with the client is the solution.

there other way to be can open cilentless ?

You can go clientless once you are in game. The Manager has an option for it.